We have now closed. Below see our archived homepage for a taste of what we do. For enquiries please email jake@jakesymons.com

We take den building to another level.

Den building is a forgotten sport. Something kids used to do all the time has now been replaced with an blue screen. Being with nature, going outside are no longer hobbies, just things done if there’s a power cut.

Den building is often seen as a little kids thing, something on a small scale. We want to show that den building doesn’t have to be that way. We make huge dens, and we keep going with them. Simply using what we have around us in the forest, we create something beautiful.

We film every build we do so you can be inspired to get out there and explore the woods yourself.

We are more than den building

The woods are a beautiful, amazing place. They’re alive.

With the passing of the seasons, the woods change. Springtime bluebells, autumn leaves, snow covered floor. The woods are changing all the time.

The woods are all around us. We share this simple beauty showing the simple wonders of the woods. Den building is only a small part of us.

So join us on our adventure, follow us on social as we share the beauty from the woods around us.